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Emergency Measures and Wage Subsidy
April 14, 2020

Governments at all levels are taking the COVID-19 threat to public health very seriously, but we recognize that this places a significant financial burden on families.

On March 25 a deal in Parliament was reached after overnight negotiations from representatives of all Parties. The original Emergency Aid Bill contained measures that would’ve given extraordinary powers to the Liberals until December 2021.  After tough negotiations, the offending sections the emergency aid bill that the Liberals drafted were removed and it received Royal Assent. I believe this is Parliament at its best, parties holding each other accountable and acting expediently in a crisis.

On April 11, I along with a handful of MPs sat in the House of Commons to debate legislation regarding the Governments proposed wage subsidy. This was a special Committee of the Whole meeting so MPs could ask questions and hold the Government accountable. It was an honour and a privilege to represent my riding, my province, my party and my country in the House today. It’s a good day for democracy when we sit in Parliament to attend to our nation’s business. You can watch my questions here.

A great thank you to our Conservative leadership team for not backing down and standing up for our Parliamentary Democracy. We are going to get through this crisis and if we learn the lessons it has taught us, we will be stronger than ever. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. God Bless you all, and God Bless Canada.

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